According to information from the death register of the Mengeš parish, the Maisters moved from Kamnik to Mengeš in 1876. On June 1 of that year, Rudolf’s eldest brother Artur died in Mengeš. The second date, testifying that they came to Mengeš in 1880, is recorded in a document sent by the management of the Mengeš state primary school in 1935 to the Banovina archivist in Maribor as an archival copy of information on Rudolf’s schooling. Until 1883, they lived as tenants in a house locally called pri Gabru, with the address Veliki Mengeš 70. The house is still standing today, it is a protected historic building. While the roof has been slightly altered, the entrance portal, bearing the initials of one of the owners, the year 1872, when the house was built, and address, Veliki Mengeš 70, is well preserved.

Rudolf Maister started primary school in Mengeš at the mežnarija (sexton’s house) – which still stands beside the parish church of St. Michael – in 1880/81 – Education.

A gravestone in the Mengeš Cemetery informs us that father Franc Maister (1826–1887), who died in Kranj, and Rudolf’s older brothers Artur (1868–1876) and Ernest (1870–1897) rest here. Ernest died at Rakek, the year of his birth on the Mengeš tombstone dated incorrectly (1871) – Public monuments.

razglednica Mengeš
Mengeš, circa 1905; kept by the MMK.
fotografija Mengeš – cerkev sv. Mihaela z mežnarijo
Mengeš – Church of St. Michael with sexton’s house, circa 1930; kept by the MMK.
Izpis iz mengeške mrliške knjige 1956–1881 o smrti Arturja MaistraExtract from the Mengeš death register 1956–1881 on the death of Artur Maister on 1. 6. 1876; kept by the Archiepiscopal Archives of Ljubljana.
Portal hiše, v kateri so Maistrovi živeli od leta 1876/1880 do 1883Portal of the house in which the Maisters lived from 1876/1880 to 1883; photo: Alenka Juvan.
Spominska plošča na pokopališču v Mengšu Francu, Arturju in Ernestu MaistruMemorial plaque in the Mengeš cemetery dedicated to Franc, Artur and Ernest Maister; photo: Zora Torkar.
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