Rudolf Maister spent seven years of his life in Kranj. The family moved from Mengeš in 1883 because of Franc Maister’s employment at the Financial Guard. Here, Rudolf continued his education: first the four-grade primary school for boys, then the lower gymnasium.

The Maisters lived at today’s Maistrov trg 5, formerly Mesto no. 150. At the time the house was owned by Marija Rubežnik. They lived there until Franc Maister’s death in 1887. After his death, they moved to the neighbouring house for three years, then to Ljubljana in 1890, in large part for Rudolf’s further education.

Today the people of Kranj are reminded of Maister by a monument – a bust on the facade of the house, the work of Alenka Vidrgar. Here, every year on 23 November, Rudolf Maister Day, the General Rudolf Maister Society Kranj pays tribute to his memory. Nor did Rudolf Maister forget his time in Kranj. Much, much later he applied for a certificate of citizenship in Kranj.

Another event connects the general with Kranj. Between 4 and 6 June 1919, peace negotiations between the Yugoslav and German-Austrian delegations took place in the National Reading Room in Kranj. The negotiations were also attended by Maister, who made a great impression on the locals. On the evening of 5 June 1919, the Sokol Society, the Reading Room and the Kranj fire brigade organised a torchlit tribute for him.

razglednica Narodna čitalnica v Kranju, okoli 1918
National Reading Room in Kranj, circa 1918; kept by the GM.
fotografija Kranjski akademiki
Kranj "academics", members of the literary and entertainment club in Kranj, Maister's drawing teacher Ivan Franke stands second from the left, around 1880; kept by the GM.
Hiša Mesto št. 150
House at the address Mesto no. 150, today Maistrova 5. A bust of Maister by Alenka Vidrgar on the house; kept by the GM.
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