At Trebnje no. 24 (today Rimska cesta 19) a daughter, Frančiška, was born on 11 January 1834 to the family of teacher Matija Tomšič and his wife Frančiška. Franja, as she was also known, spent her childhood at the Tomšič’s homestead. Franc Maister from Ptuj worked as an inspector for the Financial Guard in Trebnje. He lived at Trg no. 26 (today’s address on the Trebnje street Stari trg is still unknown). Franc Maister and Frančiška Tomšič were married on 6 May 1867 in the succursal church of the Sorrowful Mother of God in Vina Gorica, today a part of Trebnje – Family. The church was originally owned by a nearby manor and served as an estate chapel. It was presumably built in the 15th century. It kept changing owners until it was bought by nearby landowners in 1887, who gave it to the Trebnje deanery in 1922 to use an independent succursal church for the surrounding villages. Due to its poor condition, it was completely renovated in 1972.

Their first son Artur was born on 9 December 1868 at Trg 23, while they probably lived as a family at Franc’s address, Trg 26. We cannot yet confirm whether the Maister family ever lived at the Tomšič’s homestead, which is today listed in the Registry of Immovable Cultural Heritage. On 6 May 2015, the General Maister Society Dolenjska and the Trebnje local community paid tribute to Rudolf Maister’s mother Franja Maister by installing a memorial plaque on her birth house. One of the streets in Trebnje is also named after Rudolf Maister – Maistrova ulica.

razglednica Trebnje z gradičem in cerkvijo na Vini Gorici
Trebnje with the manor and the church in Vina Gorica, postcard, sent in 1899; kept by DM NM.
Grad Vinagorica s cerkvico na razglednici
Vina Gorica manor with church, postcard, circa 1910; kept by DM NM.
Cerkev Žalostne matere božje na Vini Gorici
Church of the Sorrowful Mother of God in Vina Gorica; photo: Marjeta Bregar.
Tomšičeva domačija v Trebnjem
Tomšič's homestead in Trebnje with a memorial plaque dedicated to the mother of General Maister, Frančiška Tomšič; photo: Marjeta Bregar.
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