Maisters’s Way

The virtual project Maister’s Way was devised in 2017 by Alenka Juvan and Katarina Mahnič as part of a project submission with the title The Die is Cast to the Europe For Citizens, European Remembrance programme. Sadly, the die did not land on the right side and the project did not get funded. This current, slightly adapted and supplemented form was shaped by 15 participating institutions together with a large part of the Maister family. The primary aim of Maister’s Way remains the same: to connect via the web the places where Maister lived and worked and the institutions that keep any materials or memory relating to him. In this way materials from all over, relating to Maisters life and work and underpinned by state-of-the-art ICT, will offer a fresh and rich presentation of Maister’s personality. Internet users will be able to freely access the virtual collection at any time and from anywhere. In the coming years, the virtual version should also be supplanted by a real-world Maisters Way.

Project leader: Zora Torkar, MA

Coordinators: Alenka Juvan, Jože Podpečnik, MA

Expert committee: Zora Torkar, MA; Alenka Juvan (MMK); Renny Rovšnik; Jože Podpečnik, MA (NMS); Vlasta Stavbar PhD (UKM); Marijan Rupert, MA (NUK); Dragan Matić, PhD (ARS); Marko Štepec PhD (MNZS); Zvezdan Markovič, MA (Military Museum of Slovenian Armed Forces)

Participating institutions: Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, Museum of Dolenjska Novo mesto, the Maister family, Carinthian Regional Museum Slovenj Gradec, Gorenjska Museum, Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik, National Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia, National Liberation Museum Maribor, National Museum of Slovenia, National and University Library, Regional Archives Maribor, Museum of Recent History Celje, Regional Museum Maribor, University of Maribor Library, Military Museum of Slovenian Armed Forces, Historical Archives Ptuj

Authors of texts: Marjeta Bregar, Mira Grašič, Oskar Habjanič, Darja Jan, Alenka Juvan, Barbara Kalan, Anja Poštrak, Marjan Linasi, Dragan Matić, Jože Podpečnik, Renny Rovšnik, Marjan Rupert, Vlasta Stavbar, Zora Torkar, Marko Štepec, Marko Ličina, Dejan Zadravec, Jure Maček, Zvezdan Marković, Marjan Toš

Edited by: Zora Torkar, MA; Alenka Juvan

Proofreading: Ana Gruden

Translation into English: Jon Derganc

Photographs: photographic materials of collaborating institutions, Maister family archives, Založba Mladinska knjiga archives, Damjan Lindental, Peter Naglič, Branimir Ritonja, Brut Carniollus, Dejan Zadravec, Marjeta Bregar, Gerhard Angleitner, Tone Štamcar, Robert Krmelj, Marko Štepec, Zora Torkar, Vladimir Ristić, Andreja Peklar, Zvezdan Markovič, Alenka Juvan, Marjan Toš, Sara Badovinac, Matjaž Hrovatin

Website design and implementation: Novi splet – Web agency Atribut, d.o.o.

Illustration, animation and logo: Ciril Horjak

Kamnik 2021

The project was made possible and financed by: collaborating institutions, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Kamnik

Občina Kamnik
Občina Kamnik
logotip ministrstva za kulturo Slovenija
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